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LETMARK PROJECTS is a young dynamic black empowerment company that is 100% black founded, owned, controlled and managed. It was incorporated in the year 2013 to cater for the needs of the construction industry and to participate selectively and only in projects where it can add real value. It started the construction business in 2006 traditionally involved in alterations, refurbishments and maintenance. The company has now a wide experience and offers a range of services and expertise to the construction industry. The services now offered include construction of new structures, renovations, project management, and refurbishment of commercial and residential buildings. 

The company`s strategic expansion plan is through Joint Ventures and entering into alliances with companies that has expertise that is not available in-house. The company has key personnel with professional and technical qualifications including years of experience to tackle projects of any size.

It’s a BEE company structured to help the government with its empowerment policies in the work place and is also dedicated to transformation currently taking place in the country.

It has a policy of non-discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion or any other matter whatsoever.

Towards this practice it is committed to the principles of empowerment of previously disadvantaged individuals and companies. The implementation of this practice is seen in the subcontracting of black owned and managed sub-contractors. The company is dedicated to empowerment and gender equality in the work place hence it intends to seek and find women, youth and disabled members from the previously disadvantaged communities who has potential to come and strengthen its capacity.

In order to attract the relevant skills and create a platform of human resources, the company intention is to provide students with the following:

  • Practical experience in the construction field
  • In-service training to students studying in tertiary institutions

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