1. Affirmative action policy

The Company has a comprehensive Affirmative Action Policy and Human Resource development policy:

  • In most projects the labour used is 40% local and from the previously disadvantaged communities
  • Equal number of men, women and youth (1/3) approach is used when appointing employees to be utilised on contracts
  1. Procurement policy

The company has designed a procurement policy which sets guidelines on how outsourcing can be conducted with the view of achieving efficiency, quality and reduces costs. All the contracts are administered professionally with affirmative action used to assist previously disadvantaged companies in order to boost them financially.

  • Most material used in all the projects is acquired from black SMME companies
  • The equipment is leased from black SMME plant hire companies
  • More than 90% of our contracts are labour intensive contracts
  • 3. Quality policy

LETMARK PROJECTS is committed to providing the highest quality and cost effective services. We wish to acquire a quality control procedure plan in accordance with the SABS 0157. In all processes and stages that define our service delivery, the company emphasises quality. Therefore quality planning, control, assurance, audit and improvement enable LETMARK PROJECTS to gain corporate identity in the provision of exceptional quality to clients. The emphasis is on achieving high levels of satisfaction and loyalty through creating value to clients.

  1. Safety policy

LETMARK PROJECTS intends to comply with all the health and safety regulations stipulated in the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). The company is developing, implements and coordinating the company’s health and safety policy to achieve the company standards of safety in line with the above mentioned legislation.

  • We carry out safety induction for all new employees
  • Adhere to general safety training equipment
  • Ensure that health and safety training is recorded
  • Assist as required with insurer’s surveys and enquiries
  • Assess workplace hazards and formulate preventative measures including safe working procedures and monitoring conformance

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